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Renewable Energy

Our extensive track record has made us one of the leading wind farm site investigation contractors in the UK and Ireland.

Renewable Energy


Whiteford Geoservices has established an enviable reputation for providing time-critical engineering solutions to Europe’s leading renewable energy developers.

In particular, our experience of varied terrains is key to the accurate interpretation of onsite conditions for wind energy developers.

All-round renewable service

We offer the following pre and post-planning services for all forms of renewable projects including but not limited to wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass.

Services Include:

  • Inspection pits, trial pits and trenches logged to conform to BS5930 : 2015 requirements.
  • Rotary Drilling and Coring
  • Cable Percussive boring, sampling and standard penetration testing
  • Window sampling and limited access Terrier style boring
  • Dynamic probing: Super Heavy, heavy, DCP, MacIntosh methods
  • Potential Quarry appraisal or Borrow Pit Selection
  • Geophysical Seismic Refraction surveys to profile soil layers and profile rockhead
  • Geophysical Surface Wave studies to determine Ground Stiffness of subsurface soil and rock strata
  • Geophysical Resistivity Imaging surveys to profile groundwater table and map rockhead variation
  • Service Location surveys to locate and map buried underground cables, pipes, ferrous and non-ferrous structures, using Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagentic Conductivity. Production of 2D and 3D CAD compatible plans.
  • Thermal Resistivity Testing for underground cable installation
  • Crane Pad Stability / Access Road Stability
  • Peat Slide Risk Analysis
  • Turbine Foundation investigation and analysis for pre-warranty assessments
  • Geotechnical Warranties for structure foundations


Projects Applicable

  • Single wind turbines (150kW to 2500kW)
  • Multiple wind turbine developments
  • Borrow Pit Selection
  • Pre-planning geotechnical assessments for proposed wind farms
  • Pre-construction ground investigations for proposed wind farms
  • Small scale hydro-electric developments
  • Solar power schemes (both archaeological and geotechnical inputs)
  • Combined Heat and Power projects
  • Biomass projects (in particular hydrology assessment and foundation specification)

Start your Renewable Energy Project with Whiteford

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