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Specialist Services

Whiteford Geoservices provides a range of niche services which use the latest state of the art equipment and techniques to further your understanding of the ground beneath your development site.



When preliminary information from previous investigations and desk top studies is complete but understanding of the ground conditions below the development site are not fully understood – Geotechnical investigation is still the first and best means of physically exploring the subsurface.

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Whiteford Geoservices Ltd and its subsidiary Tier Assessment Services Ltd are environmental contractors and consultants specialising in the investigation and reporting of environmental incidences.

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Environmental Services

Contamination of the environment is on the rise and we are all aware of this. Whether this be with benign components such as concrete, waste building materials, textiles etc. or with more noxious materials such as oils, toxic compounds or other unwanted materials, it represents a problem that needs to be:- A. Identified B. Mapped C. Cleaned up or the ground remediated When it comes to the Environment Whiteford Geoservices' sister company TIER Assessment Services can provide a series of specialist environmental services to:- A. Assess, manage and deal with land contamination within the relevant regulatory framework. B. Assess, manage and guide the Client through geological related issues in relation to their project. C. Assist with other environmental compliance related issues that might arise.

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Warranty and Assessment Services

Whiteford Geoservices offers a range of Warranty & Assessment Services aimed at providing ongoing security in relation to the serviceability of underground structures - particularly relevant to Renewable Energy products.

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