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Whiteford Geoservices Ltd and its subsidiary Tier Assessment Services Ltd are environmental contractors and consultants specialising in the investigation and reporting of environmental incidences.


Seismic Surveying

Initially developed for use in the oil industry, Seismic Surveying, and its myriad of techniques (such as Seismic Refraction and MASW), is now considered a valuable tool for non-destructively assessing the structure and competence of subsurface soils and rock.

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Electrical Resistivity Testing

The electrical resistance of soils and rock varies, depending on their mineral content and exposure to influences such as ground water or contamination. Whiteford Geoservices are experts in this field.

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Although radar is still considered vital for distance and ranging above ground it is also highly effective at probing the subsurface to map soil and fill layers, identifying buried structures and underground utilities that may impede or restrict construction.

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Electromagnetic Surveying (EM)

Preliminary measurements of ground conductivity at discrete locations, gives us the data we need to produce a 2-dimensional map across an area of interest. Whiteford Geoservices then takes this data and examines it to map the exact whereabouts of buried pipes, cables, foundations or obstructions. We can then advise on the preferred location of exploratory holes for main ground investigation works. Helps save time, save money

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