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Warranty and Assessment Services

Whiteford Geoservices offers a range of Warranty & Assessment Services aimed at providing ongoing security in relation to the serviceability of underground structures - particularly relevant to Renewable Energy products.

Ongoing Support


As well as offering expert geotechnical advice and assessment, we have expanded our services to include the provision of warranties for underground structures.

For example, where a maintenance period is due to expire for a facility (such as a Wind Farm) we can provide a competitive package to assess the underground structures - and extend the warranty for up to 6 years.

Whether you require a warranty for a single wind turbine or wind farm, where the turnkey warranty is about to expire, or if you are considering purchase of the same, we have a due diligence solution for you.



Further Information


The following list details the Geotechnical Assessment Services that Whiteford Geoservices offers through their subsidiary Tier Assessment Services Ltd.

On completion of the appropriate Geotechnical Assessment, a warranty can be provided for either a 3-year or 6-year term, dependent on the outcome of the assessment.

Individual warranties are available for the foundation component of structures and different levels of cover are available.


Please contact us now for further details.


Specific Packages Available:

  • Geotechnical visual inspection and in-situ testing of wind turbine bases, solar panel platforms, substation foundations, site tracks and other infrastructure
  • Geotechnical intrusive investigation for determination of as-built ground conditions
  • Geophysical non-intrusive investigation to determine shear modulus and calculation of rocking spring stiffness for back analysis of turbine base structures
  • Peat Slide Risk Assessment and general Slope Stability Assessment
  • Dynamic load testing for existing site roads and crane pads
  • Assessment of stability risk for existing structure foundations
  • Provision of 3 year or 6 year extended warranties for existing structure foundation



Warranties and Geotechnical Advice

If you would further information regarding our Geotechnical Assessment and Warranty Services please contact Mr John Whiteford.