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A number of our clients gave permission for their projects to be showcased. This page gives a snapshot of some of the unique assignments Whiteford Geoservices Ltd has been involved with in recent years.


The breadth of Whiteford Geoservices involvement in projects is highlighted in this section. We use experienced and highly trained staff from backgrounds ranging from Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Marine Engineering through to Geophysicists and forensic science to provide our clients with a uniquely encompassing project management team. 

All our projects have an element of problem solving whether these issues have been identified or pose a potential risk to the development.

Whiteford Geoservices can apply state of the art equipment and techniques to assist in understanding your site. 

Geophysical methods such as GPR, Electrical Resistivity Imaging, Seismic Refraction, MASW Seismic, Electromagnetics, Magnetomety, Thermal Resistivity are used in association with geotechnical methods to non-destructively explore the ground beneath your site. 

Our geotechnical profilo envolves boring, drilling and rotary drilling through to trial pitting and dynamic sampling and testing. 

All our professional reports are provided in a factual format with interpretation offered by a qualified and experienced professional. 

The projects in this section provide a small portion of our repertoire, our projects span the globe with contracts undertaken in diverse locations such as Sweden, Bulgaria, Jamaica and Kenya.

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